Blenscide Gallon

Blenscide Gallon

Blenscide Gallon
4 Gallons Per Case

Compare to Barbicide, kills HIV virus.
Blensacide Disinfectant & Germicide is a multi-purpose germicide detergent concentrate that can be used on surfaces, implements, and equipment such as pedicure tubs. Just two ounces of Blensacide makes one gallon of cleaner. It disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one easy, ten-minute step. Blensacide is Disinfectant, Staphylocidal, Bactericidal, Mildewstatic, Pseudomonacidal, Salmonellacidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal. Gallon.

Mix 2 oz. Blensacide concentrate to 1 Gallon Water for proper dilution.

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